Like Nails on a Chalkboard

Have you ever had someone in your life that you don’t particularly care for?  I mean, it is on the verge of severely disliking them.  Not quite to the point of hating but you just can’t stand them?  I have one of those in my life right now.  Perhaps I am a little more irritable because I am pregnant but I am pretty sure even if I wasn’t pregnant she would still be on my “fecal roster,” as my mother would call it.  OOOO, I could just punch her.

I see this chick a good handful of hours each week…if you catch my drift.  You know, the interesting thing is I used to like her.  I mean we have never really been buddy buddy but buddy buddy goes two ways.  I feel like when I first met her I made an effort to be kind, inviting, and nice to her.  I offered to help with things…professionally and personally.  Once I even offered to lend her some money because I overheard her saying she struggling.  My friends and I have invited her to do things in the past but she has never tried on her end to make a friendship.  Which is interesting because she has complained before about not having any friends to do anything with.

Lately though…and this has only been the last 4ish months, she has become quite the beotch!  It isn’t because her and I are having a personality clash because I am not the only one that she is like this toward.    She went from being a person you could talk to, to a person you don’t want to say anything to…for a few reasons.  She responds in degrading tones, she can’t keep anything to herself that you may share with her, and she doesn’t even give you the attention that a kind, polite person would.

Side note….people, when someone is talking to you, look at them.  Put your phone down, don’t answer calls that are coming in (you CAN call them back), keep your eyes off the computer or TV….just make them feel like you care….even if you don’t.

Okay back to Queen “B”–ever since she has gone to the dark side, become the wicked witch’s flying monkey…however you want to describe it….I just can’t stand her!!  It is like she completely changed overnight and well–she kind of did!

Now that I can’t stand her, the little things drive me more and more nuts.  For example, she sniffed, did the clear the nose into the throat thing (which by the way is SICK…if you don’t know what I am talking about you stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth and breath in through your nose from the back of your throat), or cleared her throat 84 times in ONE HOUR!  That is right.  I counted.  But think of this…on an average day that I am around her and at that rate, I hear those disgusting noises 672 times!  Would you get bugged too?  I just want to scream “Blow your freakin’ nose!! Get some decongestant!!”

672 times. Seriously wouldn’t she drive herself as insane as she is driving me?

2 thoughts on “Like Nails on a Chalkboard

  1. I do know what you mean about when this happens. Others will choice how they want to be. We can’t controll that. But we can be glad that we aren’t like them. As hard as it is, don’t show any reaction to what she does. It will just fuel her to do it more. Be polite but that don’t mean you have to go out for coffee. You need to focus on your little bundle of joy coming. I’m sure your friend & you will enjoy all the fun dealing with that. Plus other things you do with your friend. At least this person isn’t there during those times, upsetting you. Breath & I know that’s hard to do when around someone as you speak of, but try to relax as much as you can around her. Trust me, her fire won’t be fueled & she won’t know what to do then. Smile, you aren’t who’s in the wrong. You & your friend tried. She didn’t except & that was her choice. Guess she’s never been taught that you catch more flies with honey then you do with vinegar…


  2. Once some one irritates you, EVERYTHING they do starts to drive you crazy…even things that have NEVER bothered you before. So my advise is, be the bigger person and don’t let her into your head. You are only driving yourself nuts by allowing her to bug you, and it does NOTHING to irritate her. (which defeats the whole point). …just a little motherly advise :)


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