In The Home Stretch!

Finally, I hit the 3rd trimester!!

(Don’t mind the 80’s hair.  I was running late for church and went with the curly look.  I think it is better than a wet bun!)

I feel like this pregnancy is taking a long time.  I think mostly because I have two friends due in April.  I definitely don’t want a premie but I do want to have my baby already!

I still have morning sickness.  Lame huh!?  The longest I have gone since week 10 is 4 days without throwing up.  Now I have started this weird trend that the mornings I don’t throw up I have a nose bleed.  The other morning I had a nose bleed that lasted 45 minutes!  It was horrible.  Especially because I was trying to get ready for work and be there on time.  Oh well!  I can’t complain….I would complain if I wasn’t pregnant so I can’t complain because I am pregnant.

My 28 week doctors appointment went great.  No gestational diabetes, measuring right on, and a strong heart beat.  So far I have gained 25 lbs.  A normal pregnancy is 25-35 lbs.  In the last 10 weeks it is estimated that you gain 1 lb. per week.  So I am not doing too bad.  I mean after all I haven’t been as active as I planned and I haven’t eaten as amazing as I hoped.  Before I got pregnant I was SURE I was going to just be HUGE, but now that I am there I am quite happy with my weight gain.

Our nursery is slowly coming along.  We FINALLY found the perfect bedding.  That was the most difficult thing EVER!  I didn’t want something with cartoony characters on it and it seems like that is all any store carries now.  When I looked online everything I was was super expensive.  I am sorry but my child isn’t going to throw up on a $500 bed set.  We found just what we hoped for at buybuyBABY.  We have the nursery totally cleaned out…what a project!  Either tonight or tomorrow my hubby will caulk and patch the walls and Thursday morning it is getting a fresh coat of paint….Icy Blue!!  OOOO!  It is going to be sooo cute!  The furniture should arrive next week and then we will be just about ready for baby to come.  Our goal was to have the nursery done by Easter and it looks like we just might get there!!!

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