34 weeks down, 6 to go!!

I can not believe that I am almost a real life mommy!  I can hardly wait!!!  It is going to be so wonderful to have his little guy out of me and in my arms.

Pregnancy update:
-I am still throwing up.  BOOOO!  However!  I just went 9 days without actually throwing up.  There were a few close calls but nothing to show for it.  I broke the streak this morning though.  My dear sweet husband supported me from the bedroom…”Still pregnant!?”  “Yes dear!  Still pregnant.”  ha h  Love that man!

-I have only gained 25 pounds.  That means I haven’t gained anything in my 3rd trimester.  (Remember my 28 week update?  So now the question is, Will I blow up like a balloon in my last 6 weeks or will I finally have some pregnancy luck and just stay the same?  Time will tell!

-I am pretty sick of my clothes.  I have 2 pairs of black pants, a pair of khaki capris, and 2 pairs of jeans that fit.  Seems like a lot but when you can only wear jeans one day a week to work it gets old.  I feel like I live in black pants.  I have about 10 tops that work.  I know to some people this seems like a lot of maternity clothes but to a girl who is used to wearing a different outfit almost everyday (yeah, when I was single and the first part of our marriage I had a shopping problem) it is tough.

-I got a pedicure!  I needed this so bad!  A few weeks before that I had painted my toe nails.  It took a lot of hard work and I felt like I could barely breathe.  What should have taken 3 minutes took about 15 as I needed to take breaks to catch my breath.  ha ha A few weeks prior to that Adam painted my toenails.  This is HUGE because Adam does not touch feet!  Thanks babe!  My feet were really hurting one day so Adam and I treated ourselves to some foot lovin’.  We go to The Clique because their pedi’s rock!  They give you such good treatment…hot towels and everything.  Once when we went Adam was complaining about how we should have stopped and got a drink….they ran to the store and got him a diet coke!  Now how is that for great service!!

-I completed my prenatal class.  The class was very informative.  In fact, it was so informative that had I known what I know now and seen what I have seen now, I would be adopting!  I saw those birthing videos…the ones I purposely sluffed school to miss…and I will not be the same again.  Which is actually weird because I was with my sister when she gave birth to my cute little niece.  Either I was so dazed by what was going on and trying to document the whole thing for my brother-in-law who was out of town or the ladies on the video have a crappy pregnancy just so the nurses can scare us so we are pleasantly surprised.  I don’t know what it is but I saw what I saw and although I can’t wait for this baby to come, I could wait a little longer.


Well….only 6 more weeks left… 38 days to be exact.  An even better way to count is 27 days of work left.  That makes it seem like it is coming faster.

Baby, listen up!  If you stay inside for a week too long like Trisha’s baby, I will be ticked!  If you want to start off on a good foot and have a better chance of having a sibling, then you will listen to your mother!

*If you want to read the most unreal birth story ever head on over to my friend Camille‘s page.  Now that is what I signed up for…not what I saw in the birthing videos.

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