A Baby Story

Okay!  Now that it has been 3 1/2 weeks I finally have a second to tell you all about how my pride and joy came to this world.

On June 9th I went to the doctor for what I thought would be my final appointment.  The doctor told me I hadn’t dilated any more…which was kind of a bummer to me because I was hoping he would say, “WHOA!  We have to get you to the hospital stat!”  He didn’t.  He just said, “Want me to strip your membranes?”  Uh…do you even have to ask?  YES1  Get this child out of me.  It didn’t hurt.  Actually my cervix check from the week before hurt WAY more than having my membranes stripped.  It probably helped that the doc gave me a hand to squeeze…get my mind out the pain.  Afterward he told me that he didn’t want to wait a whole week before seeing me again, that was when I was set to be induced.  He said that if I didn’t have my baby over the weekend he wanted me back in her on Monday.

Beckham was due on June 10th…Sunday.  Well that day came and went but fortunately my parents flew in that day.  It was so awkward to go to church and have people say say one of two things…#1″When are you due?” “Today”  Their eyes always got big when I answered that.  #2 “Wait!  No baby still?”  “Nope” as if the belly didn’t give that away.

On Monday the 11th I went back into the doctor.  I asked if there was anyway I could be induced early since my parents were in town.  If I had to wait until the next Sunday my dad would be gone and by the time I got out of the hospital my mom would be packing to go home, thus making their trip pointless.  The doctor explained that for insurance purposes they had to wait until I was a week over due to induce me.  He gave me hope though when he said, “But if you have progressed at all since Friday we will induce you on Thursday.”  Alright1  Let’s see how I am doing…luckily I had progressed.  I was dilated to a 3!  He stripped my membranes again and said he really wanted me to go naturally and not be induced, as being induced would up my chances for having a c-section.

That night we all went to my sister’s house for Family Home Evening.  My niece was out back jumping on the trampoline.  That is when I got a great idea!  I will jump too and get this baby out of me.

Later that evening while we were watching The Bachelorette I starting feeling my Braxton Hicks becoming stronger.  I quickly downloaded a contraction counting app on my phone and started timing my contractions.  They were initially 10 minutes apart but by the time the show ended they were 8 minutes apart.  Now I know that you can have contractions for days but just to be safe I finished packing my hospital bag.  My mother told me that real contractions would wake me up so I should just go to sleep.

I had only been asleep for an hour and a half when I woke up feeling like my stomach we being ripped away from the inside of my skin.  I immediately went to the bathroom.  I told Adam that if I had another contraction like that then we were going to need to go to the hospital because I didn’t know how many of those I would be able to stand….and I have a high pain tolerance.  A few minutes later I had another hard contraction.  I quickly got dressed and went downstairs to tell my parents that we were headed to the hospital.

Once arriving at the hospital they got my information and took me into a delivery room.  They told me to change into a gown.  The entire time I was having contractions and they hurt.  The nurse came in and did a cervix check and told me I was at a three.  I was kind of bummer because that is where I was earlier in the day and I didn’t want to be one of those women that go into the hospital and get sent home time and time again.  she did tell me I was 90% effaced though and that made me feel better.  She explained that she would wait for an hour and then come back in and check me.  If I had changed than I could stay.  If not, they would just give me pain killers and send me home.

About 5 minutes later I said to Adam, “Either I just peed a little or the gel they used when ding a cervix check needs to be wiped off.”  Adam checked me out (since I couldn’t see past my belly) and said it must just be the gel.  An hour later the doctor came in to check my progress.  The first thing he said was that my water had broke.  What?  I thought it was just the gel.  I had been laying in it for the last hour and didn’t have a clue.  Just to be sure he used an amniotic hook and sure enough my water was broken and I was staying in the hospital.  WHEW!

They called for the anesthesiologist to give me my epidural.  thank goodness because after that last hour I was dying!  They asked if I wanted a shot for the pain meanwhile, but I turned it down because it could slow down labor.  First babies normally take forever anyway I was not about to make it any longer.  A few contractions later I wished that I had taken the nurse up on the shot.  I waited another hour before I got my epidural…the was another lady who needed one before me.  I thought I was going to die!  Seriously, I don’t know how women do a natural birth!  (Props to my mother who had 5 natural births!)

Just after receiving my epidural my mother and father came into the room.  A few minutes later Adam’s mother came in.  In the weeks before I has said “If they weren’t present for the conception they shouldn’t be present for the birth.”  then as the day drew closer I felt like it would be a cool experience for my parents to witness their first grandchild birth…not their first grandchild being born–Beckham is number 14 for them…just the first grandchild birth…and it would be cool for Shelly, who never gave birth to a baby to see one, and her first grandchild born.  Luckily for us they wanted to be in the room too :)

At 6:00 am I was dilated to a 10 and the nurse had me start pushing.  After a few pushes she stopped me and went to go find the doctor.  About 30 minutes later she came back in and had me push again. “5…6…7…okay stop!  I am going to go see if I can find the doctor.”  UH!  Where was that doctor?  It sounded like I was going to have this baby with or without him.  Just before 7 he came in and we got to pushing a few more times.  I only pushed about 20 times total.  I guess after all that trampoline jumping Beckham was ready to come out.

Dr. Woolsey and Beckham

Adam did a great job.  He was there to hold my hand my whole time.  He even cut the cord!  What a great daddy!

7 lbs 9 oz

We hadn’t decided on a name yet so he was known as Boy Crissa Robertson.  ha! ha!  They took Beckham over to get him cleaned up before bringing him to me.  While they were cleaning him up they starting to notice that Beckham has grunting when he was breathing.  They didn’t think it was anything to be super concerned about just to be sure they called a respiratory therapist in.  They decided to take him and put him on a CPAP machine to monitor his breathing and give him some oxygen.

Before they took him I got to spend a few minutes with him.

Our First Family Photo (Don't mind my cry face...I was just really excited to be a mom)

Love at first sight

Adam went with Beckham while they monitored him.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was cleaned up and wheeled away to my hospital room.  It was really weird to have had a baby but not HAVE my baby.  I mean I was grateful that needing to monitor his breathing was the only thing we needed to worry about, but those first two hours went by so slow!

Before Beckham (still Boy Crissa) came to the room they gave him his first bath.  He needed to look good for pictures you know :)

We had visitor after visitor on Beckham’s BIRTHday.  Everyone wanted to come and see our new little man.  We are so lucky to have such supportive friends and family!

Gram and Grandpa Pollmann (my parents)


Trevor (my brother)


The Curtis' (my sister Erin)

Others who came to visit but I don’t have pictures of were The Roberts (my sister Lisa), The Sanders (my sister Lori), Shelly and Cesilee Robertson (my mother- and sister-in-law), Julie McKay (Adam’s cousin), Vickie Lund (Adam’s aunt), Scott Robertson (my father-in-law), Jennifer Henkel and her kids (Adam’s cousin and her kids), McKaye Treanor (one of my best friends and co-worker at Heritage Schools), Rachel Lux (one of my best friends and co-worker at Independence Rehab), and Jaylane Lamph (a Robertson family friend).  All in all we had about 30 visitors! Now that is love!

Later in the afternoon (about 4:00) once Adam and I had some alone time we talked about what we wanted to name our Boy Crissa.  Before we got pregnant I laid down a few rules….no Jr’s, no Book of Mormon names, and no Bible names.  Adam really wanted an Adam John Robertson Jr. but that went against the rules so I had to veto it.  We had a few names that we had narrowed our choice down to and we went with Beckham Warner Robertson.  Adam has two dear family friends, Ray Beckham (who is like a second father to him) and Randy Beckham, Ray’s son (who is like a brother Adam never had) that we named our son after.  Also, Warner is the middle name of Adam’s father and grandfather.  To name one child after 4 great men was wonderful.

The proud mama

Seriously I couldn’t have asked for a better labor and delivery.  I was expecting 16 hours and it was only 6.  I was expecting pain and didn’t have any….well that is after I got the epidural.  My mother and father and mother-in-law got to witness a great miracle.

Adam and I are so lucky to be blessed with such a beautiful baby boy.  Our delivery room felt like Heaven was opened to us and dropped into our arms a perfect little gift.  What an awesome experience.  I wouldn’t change anything about it.

Families are Forever!

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