Day 52

Day 52: Too Much Information

Warning!  This blog is about Too Much Information.  If things that give you too much information sick you out, you are free to pass on reading this post :)

Ever since I got pregnant I have heard my hubby say several times, “You are too open.”  or “I can’t believe you feel comfortable talking about those things.” or “Do you ever feel uncomfortable talking about details like that?”  The fact of the matter is pregnancy takes away any form of dignity you may have.  Every time you go to the doctors office you have to show him something…you big fat gut, you va-jay-jay, butt, something!  Then when you actually HAVE your baby and 6 other people (nurses, doctors, family) are in the room with you, legs spread wide open, there is no dignity left.

So the fact of the matter is NO!  I don’t feel uncomfortable talking about certain things.  Why would I?

I have told you about my LBS‘s.  I have showed you before and after pictures in a bikini.  I mean what do I have left to hide!?

Oh, here is one thing…

I was shopping with Beckham yesterday.  We were in the parking lot and I had just got done nursing him.  That is right!  I was sitting in my car nursing him because my boobs were going to explode!  Judge if you want…I was covered!  Anyway, I got out of the car and was strapping him in to his seat so we could go into the store.  I have had this cough I haven’t been able to get rid of–dang things always last longer than the cold itself.  I coughed and peed.  WHAT THE!  Who coughs and pees?!

Now I know pregnancy does some weird things to your body…like the fact that everyone is wearing cute cardi’s and if I do I start to sweat like a pedophile at a playground.  These hormones are out of whack!  But peeing when you cough!  I didn’t even have to go to the bathroom.  I tried to stop it at a little drip but I couldn’t grip (is that the right word?) hard enough and a little extra came out.  SICK!

How was I supposed to go into the store now?  I was 20 minutes away from home and had gone this whole way just to use a gift card and get myself some new shoes and now I had pee in my pants!  GREAT!  Well, being the no-dignity-left person I am, I just picked up my baby carrier and went in.  I just held that thing in front of me and went about my business.  I just figured if anyone was looking at my crotch, #1 Shame on you #2 They would see my baby and just think that maybe the bottle leaked on me, or perhaps I just got barfed on #3 If another mom saw my wet spot she could sympathize.

Too much information?  Perhaps.

Perhaps not.  Perhaps someone will read this and think, “Oh poor girl!  I am not going to be like that.  I am going to do my daily Kegels and learn from her embarrassment.”  Yeah!  Maybe I am saving a new mommy from wet pants embarrassment.

2 thoughts on “Day 52

  1. I am laughing so hard right now! While I can’t say that I’ve peed myself, there are far too many other strange things that have happened!! LOL!


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