Day 136

Day 136: It reminds me of…

Often times while I waste time study how to become a better mother on Pinterest I find things that I stash away on my Mother of the Year board.  These are all things that I SWEAR I am going to do for my children when they are a little older.  (…like how I swore I would get ready every day when I became a mother and how I swore I would never wear my hair in a wet bun when I was pregnant—MY BAD!)

Here are some of my findings:

Do this with your little girl’s first dance recital costume

Such a cute idea to do for their very first dance recital and you can keep for years - great idea!!

Always make whatever they are eating into a work of art before they devour it

One day I will do this for my kids and they will think I am the best mom ever

Never serve your kids plain colored noodles…only rainbow colored will do

Cook spaghetti then fill ziplock 1/4 with water & add food coloring. Add spaghetti... coolest idea ever!!!

Prepare a treat box for each kid before taking off in the car

Treat box for traveling. one per kid, no refills

These are all awesome ideas but I know I am going to look back in 15 years and say, “Oh yeah!  I was going to do that.  Too bad I forgot.” or “Yeah right!  You think I had time for all that jazz?  I am lucky the kids took a bath.

Pinterest and I have a love hate relationship.  I love that there are so many idea out there but they make me feel inadequate sometimes.

Here is one pin I found the other day.  This reminds me of my mother…

Soft Rainbow Sandwich Bread: Fun for kids' lunches! How cool would this be.

Around each holiday my mother would pack our school lunches with cool colored breads.  In March it was green, yellow, and while bread.  In December it was red and green bread.  In February it was red, pink, and white bread.  My mom was Pinterest before Pinterest was Pinterest.  (AND by the way, we DID have a treat box for our road trips.  Every time we hit a certain mileage we got a special treat!!)  The best part….my mom didn’t make the bread.  She went to the store and bought it.  So why is it that now we have Pinterest and moms are so excited to be fun and hip, that our bakery doesn’t make the bread to help us be fun and hip?  Why is it that all of a sudden we have to do it on our own?  I don’t have to make my own bread to rock.  I don’t make my own clothes.  I don’t color my own hair.  Heck, up until recently I didn’t even paint my own toenails.  Why do I have to bake my own bread?

Dear bakeries-

Us moms would like to be cool, fun, hip, and funky like the moms from the 80’s and 90’s.  Could you please help us out a bit!?


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