You suck snot!

Beckham has had a runny nose lately.  It isn’t like a constant drip but it is enough that it creates some mighty fine boogers.

In the hospital we received a nasal aspirator.  You know, one of those blue bulbs.  I had a bad experience with these once.  When my little brother was born I found it underneath my mother’s sink.  I promptly stuck it in my mouth and squeezed….don’t ask me why I was like 7 or 8.  Well we all know those little bulbs DO NOT get clean…I found that out at a ripe young age. GROSS!  I digress.

When Beckham was really tiny I tried using that bulb on his nose but it never really worked.  I just felt like I jammed that thing up to his eyes and still had to use my “booger maker” skills to work that sick goop out.

NoseFrida Snot Sucker Nasal AspiratorThen I discovered the Nose Frida! Don’t get grossed out, but you stick this in the baby’s nose and then suck on the red end.  Think about it: your own lungs are a really strong and natural vacuum cleaner – much more powerful than a tiny bulb or battery-powered motor.  And the result is just a more effective method of clearing your baby’s sinuses.   Like magic the boogers and snot come right out.  Don’t worry there is a stopper that keeps all the sick yuck from ending up in your mouth.

There is a new gadget out there for snot suckin’ that claims to be even better than my beloved Nose Frida.  Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce the BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator.

The BabyComfyNose uses a tissue filter where the Nose Frida uses a foam rubber.  This is supposed to be more effective and safer.  Also, “the pore size of standard ‘Kleenex’ type tissue is around 1/10,000 of an inch. The pore size of standard open cell foam rubber is in the range of 1/500 inch. Tissue pores are approximately 20 times smaller than foam rubber and therefore are more effective as filter membranes.”  More filter equals less of a chances I inhale anything!!

Enter boogie20 at Amazon check out for 20% off!

expires 4/30/13

I will be receiving one of these for compensation for this post.

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