Is This A Bad Dream?

I have been a Sprint customer for years…ever since I signed up so my boyfriend at the time could get a cheaper plan.  (Manipulated much?)  During those years I have had my share of phones.  Let me break it down for you.

This little red beauty was my first phone at Sprint.  It rocked my socks off.  First of all it was RED!  No one had a red phone.  Plus, you could see who was calling you without even flipping it open to find out.  This made is very easy to check my phone discreetly while in class.  (Go Cougars!)  AND to make it even cooler, it matched my boyfriends!  What other couple has matching phones?  His was blue and mine was red.  This little buddy lasted me just under 3 years and I never has any problems with it…and it had it’s fair share of drops.


This little guy entered the picture when I started dating Adam.  He wanted to get me something that was better.  I think he really didn’t want me matching the old boyfriend but we will go with the reason he gave.  This phone was even cooler than the red one.  It had 5 interchangeable face plates!  You better believe I would change it to match my outfits :)  Plus it was really cool because not only did it look like an iPod, something I didn’t have, but you could play and change songs without having to flip open your phone.  This was a great phone and lasted me about 3 years.

This little gem entered the picture when I was DYING for a smartphone.  I felt like everyone had one but me.  I paid something like $200 for this phone but it was awesome I I sucked it up.  I mean come on!  It had a kickstand!  It was so cool because it had a touch screen AND apps!  I was addicted to this phone.  I had internet connection wherever I went.  I didn’t have to call my mom or sisters anymore with the question, “Hey!  Are you by a computer?”  (ahhh…the good ol’ days)  I never had any problems with this phone until one fatal 4th of July when I stood up from my camping chair and it fell into a cup of chocolate milk.

Enter, my current phone, the HTC Evo 3D.  I was secretly excited that my phone had leaped into chocolate milk because it forced me to upgrade.  This phone has 3D capabilities!!  WOW!  (Or at least I thought)  Not only would my screen look all 3D but I could take 3D photos and videos.  (No one told me that I can’t do anything with 3D pictures.  No 3D tv to look at your pictures/ videos on means all that cool 3D functionality ends at your phone.  I mean you can’t print 3D photos and your can’t upload photos or videos in 3D to the internet.  Well I was the sucker who fell for it.)

Notice how all of the previous phones I have said, “I loved this phone.  I never had any problems with it.  It lasted me years.  I only upgraded because there was something cooler I had to have.”  Well not this phone.

After a few week I having my brand new, bigger screened phone it sounded like I was listening to people talk to me in a tin can.  I went in to the service center and they replaced my phone.  “Here is your new phone.  We couldn’t fix your other one.”  The naive girl in me thought they were really giving me a NEW phone…turns out it was just a refurbished phone.

Phone #2 lasted me a few months but then it started opening up random things.  It was almost like a ghost was using my phone.  Sprint said it was a virus and gave me another “new” phone.

Phone #3 lasted a few months but then it wouldn’t charge anymore.   I thought it was my cord but it wasn’t.  So Sprint gave me another “new” phone.

The day I got phone #4 it wouldn’t charge either.  I took it back in and the guy told me he could get it to charge.  I had tried 4 different cords at my house and none worked.  He had the magic cord.  I talked him into giving it to me for free and off I went.  A few days later I noticed that it wouldn’t charge on my car charger, so I bought a new charger.  I quickly tested it in my car.  No dice.  The Sprint guy tried about 10 other cords he had and finally we found the magic cord.  Now about a month later I have issues again.  (SURPRISE!)  Part of my touch screen stopped responding to touch.  So I took it in.  They replaced the screen but later in the day I discovered no one could hear me when I called them.  So back in I go and guess what!?  They replaced my phone with a “new” one.

Now phone #5 lasted a day and a half before there was screeching when I made I phone call.  The next morning the external speaker wouldn’t work…no ringtones, no music, no alarms.  Within a few hours the internal speaker was gone…no phone calls.  I chatted with Sprint online yesterday, since I couldn’t call, and they told me someone in the device escalation department would call me.  So I hung out by my home phone waiting for the call.  No call.  This morning my phone is completely black.  It won’t do anything.  So again I chat online.  Their advice. “Call technical support.”  After 30 minutes of talking to technical support their advice was to “call internal sales” and talk to them about upgrading.  UPGRADING!  The answer was pay to get another phone?  No way, Jose.  I paid hundreds when I got my cool 3D phone plus I pay $7 a month for equipment protection and all I have gotten is issues.  Now they want me to pay more money and cross my fingers that the same thing won’t happen with my cool new phone.  I may have been dumb and naive years ago, but watch out now.  I am a puma!

Now to conclude this rant, I just got off the phone with internal sales.  They can’t give me any special treatment.  Basically all they can do is tell me the same information that is on the internet.  (It is kind of like text-to-talk…but with an Indian accent  ha ha)  Is this some kind of sick joke?  Am I living in some twisted episode of the Twilight Zone?  (That is the black and white stuff…not the vampire crap)  I am not thrilled about the answer but according to internal sales that is all they can do for me.

So I guess before I go about my day today, I am going to haul buns to the Sprint store before Adam goes to work.  Otherwise I would have to take Beckham and my sisters 3 kids that I am watching this week.  After the first trip with Beckham, never again.  He loves phones and computers too much for me to take him and think I am really going to talk to someone about a new phone.  “Ain’t no one got time for dat!”

Someone wake me up!  Someone make this nightmare end!  I just want a phone like my old flip phones….never have problems, can be dropped and still live, and last for years.  I want to upgrade because I can’t wait to get the latest and greatest, not because it is my only option.  I don’t want to live like it is 1995 anymore.  I just want a reliable phone like all the other cool kids on the playground.

Just for the record, I haven’t ever been on a playground with gang graffiti like the one above :)

2 thoughts on “Is This A Bad Dream?

  1. Wow! I’ve had Sprint since 2007 and have had almost all of those phones mentioned, lol! My husband even had the 3D EVO. You just need to mention to them of what a loyal customer you’ve been, etc. Hopefully something will work out! Roar!


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