Big Brother Beckham! PLUS Giveaway!

In the last few weeks I have been trying to teach Beckham that he is going to be a big brother.  I have been showing him the ultrasound and saying “baby!”  Then pointing to my belly and telling him there is a baby inside.  When we see babies at the store I point them out and tell him, “That is a baby.  Mommy is going to have a baby too.  You are going to be a big brother!”  We talk about baby brothers and baby sisters all the time…I don’t think he gets that but I am trying.


TwigTale is helping me teach Beckham about what a baby is, where the baby is, and what will happen when the baby is born.  It is a great company that helps you create personalized stories to teach your child about new adventures and situations that will happen in their life.  They can help you teach your child about becoming a big brother or sister, potty training, how they were adopted, sickness in the family, losing a pet, moving, parents going on vacation, and more!  You can even just document their memories.  Being able to preview the entire book before getting started on your project makes finding the right book for your situation very easy.


We received the Soon-To-Be New Sibling book that we titled, “Big Brother Beckham”.  It was so easy to make and really quick.  It only took me about 20 minutes to complete it.  They provide you with a list of pictures they suggest to use of your child.  If you refer to this list, find your pictures, and save them to your desktop it makes the process really quick.  I just found the pictures on my memory card as I went and still got it done in no time.  As you go along you are given the opportunity to edit the books wording to make it more personalized for your child and allows you to word the book to fit your talking style.


Beckham LOVES books so when this arrived he couldn’t wait to read it.  We pulled it out right away and read it….three times in a row.  Then when Daddy got home he wanted him to read it to him.  Beckham loves seeing the pictures of him, his family, and his mommy and daddy.  He also likes hearing a story about him and the new baby.  We have read this book over and over and over again.  I know he is learning, which makes me happy.

bookThese books retail for $20 and are totally worth it.  (Shipping is just $5.50)  I can’t wait for the next little milestone of Beckham’s so we can get him another one.  Not only do these books help your child grow and learn at the specific time in their life, they serve as a little scrapbook too.  These will be fun for Beckham to look at later in life.

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TwigTale is giving one of you a $20 credit so you can make a book of your choice!

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4 thoughts on “Big Brother Beckham! PLUS Giveaway!

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  2. The book i would get would be Mama always Comes Back. Everytime i drop my son off at the daycare i have to tell him Mommy’s coming back to get you. Maybe if he had the book he wouldnt have to ask he’ll just know.


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