Walking Alone::Tmart.com Review::

20140314_195943Beckham is at the age where he wants to do everything on his own.  He wants to put things in the grocery cart, read books alone, put DVDs in the player, walk through stores, and go to the car.  Well some of these things are okay to do by himself.  I am good with letting him go down the slide alone.  I am great with letting him try to put on his own clothes.  I am perfectly fine with handing him things to put in the grocery cart.  I am NOT okay with him opening and closing and opening and closing the DVD disc drawer.  I am NOT good with allowing him to drink Diet Coke out of the can in front of my computer.  I am CERTAINLY NOT okay with letting him enter a parking lot without a hand.

We are getting to the point where he is starting to drop to his knees and refusing to walk.  He is beginning to cry when he doesn’t get his way.  He is yanking his hand away when I try to hold it.  I understand the need to allow him to be independent but there are just some things he is too small to do on his own.  Walking alone through a store, the zoo, or in the parking lot are among those things.

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Tmart.com sent me the Child Keeper Safety Harness Strap Bat Backpack.  To get Beckham used to wearing it I took the strap off and let him wear it around the house like a backpack.  He thought it was pretty cool to have it on and see the bat wings in the mirror, but after a while he wanted it off.  I just put it on him for a little bit at a time until he didn’t seem bothered by it.  Then we ventured out for a walk.  He didn’t like it at first…I tell you this kid is getting too independent…but he would rather walk than be in the stroller so he kept it on.  After a little bit he was okay hopping in the stroller and taking it off.  We will get there.

I do have a few issues with it though.  The product information online and on the tag of the product itself says it has padded shoulder straps.  As you can see from the picture below those straps are not padded.  Also it has a little zippered pocket but that is in the side facing the childs back.  This means in order to get anything out of the pocket you have to take the harness off.  Not very smart if you are hoping to carry tissues, gloves, etc. in it.  This product retails for $7.99 so I guess you get what you pay for?

Check out Tmart.com for tons of other gadgets, accessories, and other needs.  They have tons of lower priced items!

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