TwigTale Sale

Remember when I told you about Beckham’s new TwigTale book and how it is helping him learn about becoming a big brother?  Well, TwigTale is having the best sale of the year just in time for Mother’s Day!


Head over to Plum District and buy 1 for $12 or 2 for $20!  Normally each book is $20 so this is a great deal!!!  Make a book like mine that teaches your child or “the books can just be a heartwarming way to show your child about a Mother’s (or Grandma’s or Daddy’s) love with the Mommy Loves Me, Me & Mommy, or our Daddy & Me titles for Mother’s or Father’s Day.”  Either way, grab this deal while you can!

*I didn’t receive compensation or a free product for this post.  I just wanted to share a great deal with you!

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