I cannot believe it!  My little man it 1 year old today!  Man, time has just flown by.  I swear it was just the other day I found out I was pregnant.  I swear it was just the other day I was doing my homemade gender test to find out I was having a boy.  I swear it was just the other day I was chowing down on ice cream, mac & cheese, and BBQ sauce.  I swear it was just that other day that I was jumping on the trampoline to induce labor.

My little guy is becoming such a big kid.  This year we have experienced his first smile, first laugh, being able to sit on his own, being tall enough to finally use his jumper, tasting his first cereal, learning how to crawl, and so so much more!

Here are some of my favorite highlights of Beckham’s first year:

Beckham still doesn’t have any teeth and he is long and skinny.  He talks a lot but nothing makes sense.  I loves cheese, chicken, and bread.  He loves to give hugs to every toy he has.  When he is in the grocery cart he loves turning around and sitting on his knees.  He enjoys walks with his mom and sister, Max.  He will clap whenever he hears clapping or when someone says, “Yea!!!”  He is happy most of the time…except for when he is tired or hungry.  He wakes up about 8:00 and takes two naps during the day before going to bed at 8:30.  He loves calling anyone on the phone.  He loves the “Happy Happy Birthday To You” song that Chica’s sings on Sprout’s Sunny Side Up Show.  He loves to drink from a straw, especially cold water.  He is learning to be soft with Max.  He loves reading books.  He isn’t walking on his own yet, but loves walking with his push walker toy.

I love being a mom.  I especially love being Beckham’s mom.  My world has completely changed.  I used to get my nails done and pamper myself often.  I used to go clothes shopping and get new shoes frequently.  I used to take a Sunday nap.  I used to be able to sit down and enjoy a movie uninterrupted before 9:00 pm.  I used to be able to use my phone without hiding it.  Now, I function on a lot less sleep.  Now, I sing Primary songs daily.  Now, I watch Disney Jr. and Sprout instead of Good Things Utah and Ellen.  Now, I know what it feels like to love someone so much that you can’t even put words to it.  Now, I put someone else’s need before mine no matter the circumstance.  Now, I am a mother to the most amazing little boy.

How lucky and blessed am I?  The Lord sure knew what he was doing when he made my son’s sweet spirit.  He truly is my little angel sent from Heaven.  I don’t think I can thank my Father in Heaven enough.  Adam and I just love our little guy so much.  What a blessing it is to be able to be an eternal family.

Son, Mom and Dad love you very much!
Happy Birthday Mr. B!


Little Monkey Man ::Anytime Costumes Review::

We call Beckham “monkey”, “little monkey”, “monkey man”, or “little monkey man” because he loves jumping on his bed.  Every morning we find his bouncing away.  After a diaper change we bring him in to mommy and daddy’s bedroom and have cuddle time on the bed.  It is never really cuddle time because he is determined to stand up, hold onto the headboard, and get back to bouncing.

That is why I thought it was so fitting when Anytime Costumes gave me the opportunity to review their Mischievous Monkey costume.

Beckham looked so cute and like a real monkey jumping on the bed in this cute little costume!  Look!  He is even throwing the “I Love You” sign. :)

This cute little costume is available in 6 months- 2T and has a snap leg closure for easy diaper changes.  It is a footie bodysuit with a separate hood.  The bottoms of the feet have skid-resistant bottoms to keep kids from face planting it on the kitchen floor.  The hood has a little monkey face on it, hair, and big ol’ ears.  It was a little big on him but the outfit it meant for 12-18 months and he is a small 11 months.  He will grow into it.  The outfit could easily have some nice warm clothes hidden underneath.  It is cute, soft, and quality.  It retails for $29.99 and often times Anytime Costumes has a sale.

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Acting like a monkey really wore my little kiddo out.  (Thanks Anytime Costumes :) )

You know I couldn’t resist trying the hood on Max….she loved it :)  Or did she?

Day 148

Day 148: Going Home Again

The other day Beckham and I took Max for a walk.  Before we left I restocked my poop bags since last time we used our last bag.  I like to be a good dog walker.  I don’t like when dogs poo in our yard and I imagine others wouldn’t like it if my dog pooed in theirs.

We started the down the street and Max stopped to take a little tinkle.  I don’t know what her deal is but she never pees on a walk…just a bunch of little tinkles.  Going for a walk must shake the drips right out of her.

We crossed the street and Max stopped to take one more little tinkle.  We continued down the road and about a mile later Max walked onto a yard to take another teaspoon sized tinkle.


What the?!  Is that someone knocking on their window at me?

Sure enough!  Just as Max started a little, tiny tinkle someone was knocking on their front room window at me.  It was as if they were sitting in their living room waiting for my 8 lb. dog to stop on their lawn.  She wasn’t pooping…if she was I would have done the right thing and cleaned it up.  What do I do when she needs to tinkle?  Pull out my dixie cup and catch the pee?


I mean what was I supposed to do at this point anyway?  Pull her onto the cement and let her pee on the guy’s sidewalk?  Even if I pulled her off the pee stream was over.  Like I said it was a teaspoon of liquid.

“Max!  You can’t pee here!”  That is all I could do.

We continued on our way.

Now let me stop and insert this side note.  This is a HUGE step for me.  The continuing on part.  The old me (pre-baby) would have gone up and knocked on that man’s door and let him have it.  I would have used some choice words, for sure, and told that man where to go.  I like to think that now that I am a mother I am a little less aggressive.  (Well, there was that time I got in a fight with the ugly lady at the heart fair…that is a story for another day.)

Back to the story.  We were on a new walking path.  I didn’t know what streets were through streets…we ended up just turning around to go back.  You know what this means?!  We had to go right back by the dog watchers house.

Before we got to “THE HOUSE” I  kept thinking, “I secretively hope Max has to go poo at that rude man’s house.  I just might leave it on his porch for him.”  (See, sometimes the old me comes out.)  About a street and a half away I could hear a lawn mower.  Are your serious?!  Is it at “THE HOUSE”?


Do I cross the street?  No, that would be very noticeable.
Do I just walk on by and flip the guy off?  No.  Old Crissa tuck your finger away.

I decided I would just walk by.  I prepared myself for what witty comeback I would have if he said something to me.
“You know what? I would like to apologize.  I am sorry that you have nothing better to do with your life than sit and wait for a dog to stop on your lawn.”  (Old Crissa speaking.)
I just decided that I would tell him I brought my poop bags but there was nothing I could do about the little tinkles.  Maybe I would end it with, “Next time I will let her pee on your sidewalk instead.”  (Shhh, old Crissa!)

I was hoping he just wouldn’t say anything.  Then I wouldn’t have to deal with the argument that I would win…I always get the last word in so I knew I would win it.  Normally I don’t care about arguments but in my city my hubby knows EVERYONE I swear.  My luck I would tell the guy off and then see him at dinner the next night and Adam would tell me he is a big potential donor he has been working on.

I kept my eyes forward, fingers down, and walked by him and this lawn mower.  I hoped Max wouldn’t stop to sniff her pee or need to take a break.  Instead Max just rubbed it in that guys face.  She just walked on his lawn as if to say, “Don’t tell me what to do!  I own this lawn.”  It was perfect.  Nah-ne-nah-ne-boo-boo!

This may be my favorite walking route.  I will make sure Max walks on that lawn every time we are going home again. :)  (That is kind of the old Crissa…revised :)

Day 66

Day 66:  Beware of the…

dog kisses?

Yesterday on the news they told of a new study saying that pooch smooching is a no-no.

“With that innocent little peck, master and pet can exchange harmful mouth bacteria, and that can result in gum disease and tooth decay, for both.”  “Last year, researchers took a look at dog owners in Japan and assessed the prevalence of ten human periodontitis related bacteria in their pets.  Most strains were detected, two with extremely high frequency.  A particular oral microbe that is normally found in dogs, but not humans, was found in 16% of dog owners. those bacteria were found most in those who had close contact relationships with their dogs.”

So what?!  We just stop showing our dogs love?  We just stop kissing them?

Heck no!  I am going to kiss my puppy all the way to the dentist I guess.  Nothing is greater than the never ending, unconditional love of a dog.  Hasn’t killed me yet.  I don’t have any cavities yet.

Will you still kiss dogs?

Day 51

Day 51: Stuck in the Middle

Max was once an only child.  Now that she has a little brother she tries to be the baby too.  She is never mean to B-Dub.  She loves to make him smile.  Max always loves to give her baby kisses.  She even comes and give support in the middle of the night when I get up to feed B.  She wants to lay on the foot rest of the recliner and cuddle me while I nurse.  It is so sweet.

Remember when I shared with you this cute picture?

Well little Miss Max wanted to get stuck in the middle of that nursing pillow too.  Here is where I found her the other day.  (not posed!  Promise found her there.)

Isn’t she the funniest?!  She is like a little human :)  Love you baby girl!

Oh My Maxi!

Michele from Diesel & Juice made a customized pet portrait of Max for a review on Real Moms Real Views.  Look how cute it is!

It is seriously amazing!  Look at the details:

She did this all by hand.  Actually by mouse click.  She used Adobe Illustrator to draw the picture.  Go here to watch a video of her drawing it.  It is unbelievable how she does it.

Also, Diesel & Juice is giving a lucky Real Moms Real View reader an 8×10 custom portrait of their “child”.  It is a $225 value!!  Go check it out and enter to win!!

3 Months

Can you believe my little man is 3 months old?  Where has the time gone?

Beckham is growing up so fast.  It is fun to see all of his little changes.

Now he smiles all the time.

He is starting to laugh, not really giggle, but he is well on his way.
He makes noises all the time.
He has started to test out his Bumbo chair.

He is sleeping wonderfully!  He hits the sack about 9:00 and doesn’t wake up until about 6:00.  Then he eats and goes back to sleep for an hour or two.  Today he didn’t wake up until I woke him up at 10:30!  Go B!
He is just starting to love cuddling with soft blankets.
He love to play “scratch a puppy” and Max can’t get enough of her baby. (This picture wasn’t posed I swear!)

He loves to play under his play gym, swing, and kick and punch.
He is great about letting others hold him.
He is a pretty calm child.

He loves seeing his daddy when he gets home from work.
He is the most smiley in the morning.
He loves his new Mickey that Gram gave him.

He loves tub time.
He still smiles at the letter B.
He is discovering his feet. (Every time I tried to take a picture he showed me his feet.)


Happy 3 month birthday Son!

I love you and your happy face!

Can you see how much he has changed?